Open AMP Meeting 6/12/17


Open AMP Meeting 6/12/17

7:00pm, Taylor Public Library, Taylor, PA

Board Members in attendance: Chris Stine, Chris Murphy, Lisa Zaverack, Trevor Coleman

Total members in attendance, including board: 11




  • Bicycle Blastoff Debriefing
    • Group Ride Leaders
    • Start rides earlier
    • How do we get people to stay after the ride?
      • Food/pot luck
      • fun ride, hang around for a prize
      • give out raffle tickets on the rides
      • time rides so everyone gets back at the same time
      • alcohol
      • Move event down to Pavilion
  • Set date for AMP Joyride
    • Howland Preserve
    • Camp Lackawanna
  • Beginner Ride?–Beginner Trails
    • Nesbitt Park
    • LSP
    • Penobscot Ridge

Group Rides

  • Slocum Rides: postponed until trails are dry

Trail Systems

  • Put trail systems online on Trail Forks and
  • Moon Lake Update
  • Change in park management at LSP and FS
    • Discussion for Francis Slocum Trail Improvements/Additions
  • Penobscot Ridge Mountain Bike Trail

Communication and Advocacy:

  • Update Google Calendar (Add Trevor and Alaina to calendar)

Board Members/Election

  • New Board Member positions/election
  • Next meeting location. Contacts being called as homework.