Open AMP Meeting 4/11/17

7:00pm, King’s College Campus, Room #111 of Hafey-Marian Building. Board Members in attendance: Chris Stine, Chris Murphy, Lisa Zaverack

Total members in attendance, including board: 12 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Notes:
Review Of Last Meeting

Group Rides

  • Seven Tubs Rides-TBA, checking w/ Forestry on status of trails since last workday
  • Slocum Rides: Tuesdays @ 6..tentative start date is frst Tuesday in May •Trail Systems

• Put trail systems online on Trail Forks and

Communication and Advocacy:
• Is Google calendar available on mobile device?

Event Planning: MTB Kick Of Weekend • Discussion of campsites

  • Questions for PM regarding the Ledges
  • Numbers: Can people camp in the feld?
  • How many tents can ft in each of the 8 camp sites?
  • Which park ranger will be enforcing? Will number of campers be strictly enforced?
  • Can people just come to the camp site to participate in the event then leave if they don’t want to camp?
  • How much parking is available at the Ledges? Can event go-ers park in the field?
  • Is there potable water at the Ledges?
  • What is the check-in and check-out time, and can the event begin slightly before or end slightly after those times? Do we need to reserve the previous and/or prior day if the event goes longer than the check-out times?
  • Can we arrange doing trail work for discount camping? (Website says Charges for camping may be waived if a Conservation Volunteer project is performed. Contact the park manager for details.)

Registration-AMP must pre-register campers and charge a fee for camping, but event will be free

$10 to register

online tool to accept payments
Water: Gene can provide PA American Water Company contact to get water drum

  • Possible activities
    • Trail building Seminar▪ IMBA trail care crew

      ▪ fulfills NICA requirements

    • Group Rides▪ Beginner kids and adult ▪ Poker Ride
      ▪ Night Ride
    • NICA introduction
    • Bike Obstacle Course for kids/adults
    • Skills Clinic for all levels
    • Bike demos▪ contact bike shops
      ▪ manufacturers
      ▪ Bike Scranton bikes available for adult pavement riders
    • Possible Coffee truck visit?
    • Women’s ride
    • Morning yoga
    • Silly/fun races
    • tie-dye
    • face-paint
    • raffle
    • Check-in table
  • Advocacy, Spreading the word
    ◦ Can we get the booth guy at the park to hand out flyers about the event? ◦ KAZ
    ◦ Anthracite Bike Coalition
    ◦ Tour de Scranton fyers…April 30
    ◦ Scranton School District
    ◦ Maureen
    ◦ Brian
    ◦ Amy
    ◦ IMBA
  • Future Meetings
    ◦ Pittston Library as possible venue