Open AMP Meeting 3/20/17

7:00pm, King’s College Campus, Room #111 of Hafey-Marian Building. Board Members in attendance: Trevor Coleman, Lorne Possinger, Chris Murphy, Lisa

Zaverack, Chris Stine

Total members in attendance, including board: 18 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Notes:

Group Rides

  • Develop a schedule and look for anyone interested in being a ride leader.
    • make more beginner rides available
    • Variety of locations
  • LSP beginner ride
    ◦ would like to fnd a group of ride leaders to establish AMP ride at LSP
  • Seven Tubs Rides ◦ Lisa

    ◦ Mondays @ 6

    ◦ Walk through frst

  • Slocum Rides

    ◦ Chris Stine
    ◦ Tuesdays @ 6

    Trail Systems

  • Looking to establish people to be trail system stewards
  • Looking for commentary on trail statuses and possibly schedule spring clean up days
  • Put trail systems online on Trail Forks and

    Communication Discussion: What is the best way for AMP to communicate with each other?

• Facebook

  • Create an open ride group
  • The key is getting others to create their own posts
  • Make fyers of group ride schedules

    ▪ hang in bike shops and ftness places
    ▪ post fyers and encourage members to post

▪ with stipulation of check FB for any ride changes/cancellations

• Google calendar for AMP events ◦ rides can overlap
◦ Send to DCNR

Long Term Goals
• Connecting trails can be created within the area

◦ Someone needs to call DCNR and re-establish contact

Future Events

  • Biking meet-up/Joy Ride
  • Camping at Moon Lake
  • Adventure Ride/ Bike-Packing trip
  • Family Weekend
    • Skills clinic day one, days 2 rides
    • mtn bike weekend event
    • family event
    • beginning of season kick-of
    • involve NICA
      ▪ Event Planning To Do List:

      Reserve group campsite=Trevor organize itinerary
      get group leaders for activities

      • learn to ride a bike
      • skills clinics • food

        Upcoming Events/Dates

  • Tentative Date for next Open Meeting=April 10 @ 7 for event planning
  • Tentative Date for Kick-of Weekend Event=June 3-4