Coming this summer – DCNR Chainsaw training!

 Please contact AMP if you are interested to receive the DCNR Chainsaw training, this training is required for volunteers to be able to legally operate a chainsaw during trail maintenance activities on DCNR properties. This includes parks (such as Frances Slocum and Lackawanna), forests (such as Lackawanna and Pinchot) and natural areas (such as Moon Lake).


A minimum of 10 people must sign up and attend or the training will not be held.


Having group of people registered with this training will significantly enhance the community’s ability to maintain and build trail in the DCNR properties, so if interested please reach out.


The date, time, and location of the training is to be determined, so if weekdays- or weekend- are better place share when you contact AMP.


AMP may be contacted either via Facebook ( ) or the AMP web site ( – no registration required).