Board Meeting Notes 12/7/2015

Monday, December 7, 2015 7:00PM
Atendees: Ted Jump, Lorne Possinger, Mark Fenner, Chris Murphy, Chris Stine, Lisa Zaverack
Moon Lake Park New Stewardship Discussion:
Find out forest volunteer training requirements, find out if/how AMP can help streamline new
volunteer signup (particularly for day-of trail work)

Visions for the Park:

  • Connect Moon Lake Park to Susquehanna Warrior Trail-Attain feasibility study to take advantage of adding new trail to Pinchot State Forest
    (study available at: Harvey ’s Creek Trail/Greenway Feasibility/Master Plan PDF)
  • Improve signage to mark 1-3 major loops to make navigation easier, create a map board at trail head(s), document trails for IMBA’s mtbproject website
  • Improve transitions and connectivity between loops, long term

Treasurer Report:
Board reviewed quarterly fnancial report
Treasurer will prepare annual report for next month’s meeting

Community/Public Relations:
Suggestion to create information cards to pass to riders on AMP rides
Vote to purchase 4 AMP signs with arrows for events, All 6 in favor

Winter Party:
Date: Saturday January 30, 2016
Suggested Venue: Dupont Fire Hall $75 4hr rental, $13 base price catering Gary Kaspriskie catering
Vote to use Amp funding to subsidize ticket prices, All 6 in favor
Other suggestions: Basket Raffle, Assign roles for help during event, set up online payment method for tickets