Board Meeting Notes 12/5/16

Amp Meeting 12/5/16

7:00pm El Rey Azteca, Wilkes-Barre, PA

In attendance: Chris Murphy, Lisa Zaverack, Chris Stine, Ted Jump

No Financial Report-Treasurer not present this evening.

In need of treasurer-Has to be member of the board

  • We need to look for more board members

Winter social discussion

  • Informal at a restaurant
  • Late January
    • Tentatively on the 21st Saturday 6ish
    • Lisa and Chris on the winter social committee
      • To do: secure location (depending on some factors)
      • make cool flyers

Slocum and Moon Winter Prep

  • Moon Lake Trail forum/clean up
    • Saturday, December 10 at 11a.m.
    • Clean out before toys for tots ride
    • Possible trail discussions
  • Slocum Trail Day TBA

Misc. Trail News

  • Slocum
    • Stine is working on numbering the intersections
    • Chain saw class set tentatively for the spring
  • Seven Tubs
    • Some new signage, would like to investigate
    • Would like to host a group ride

Advocacy/Community-What do we want to focus on in 2017?

  • Assign Trail Stewards
  • NICA involved in TAKMBD- touched base
  • Weekend trip away
    • Raystown or Michaux
    • late May
    • Day trip to NOX
    • Reading/Bamba group in June
    • Stewart
    • Jake’s Rocks, Elicottville, NY
  • Get involved in other mtb events to help raise awareness
  • Spend the year on focusing on expanding the social level of the group
  • Tour de Christmas Light Ride