Board Meeting 8/7/17 Notes

AMP Board Meeting 8/7/17

7:00pm, El Rey Azteca, Wilkes-Barre

Board Members in attendance: Chris S., Chris M., Lorne P., Lisa Z.

Total persons in attendance, including board members: 4



Board turnover/elections

  • Board voted to appoint Mike B. as interim treasurer. 5 votes in favor (including one remote vote from Mark F.), 1 not present for vote
  • Mark has stepped down as treasurer, confirmed over email communication
  • Board has made 3 nominations for board member elections, which will happen via email within the next month

Upcoming Events

  • Board set September 24th as date for fall Joyride and Moon Lake Recreation Area, with a group ride happening at 11 am
  • Open members meeting to occur on a Tuesday this month at Frances Slocum State Park, date TBD

Communication and Advocacy:

  • Discussion of meeting with new park manager at Frances Slocum
  • Discussion of changes and construction occurring at Seven Tubs Nature Area
  • Discussion/suggestions to help stop illegal trail building at Moon Lake Park