AMP Day Trip – Trexler Nature Presere – Sunday June 19th

Plan is simple …


1. Meet at the Trexler trailhead off Mill Creek Rd about 10am

2. Enjoy the trails for a couple hours in the company of friends

3. Relax

4. Optional, relocate to somewhere with burgers and beverages (Riverwalk Saloon just off 248 between Palmerton and 209?)


*** important ***


Rain within 12 hours preceeding cancels the ride. That would be rain in the north Allentown / Schnecksville area, not Wilkes-Barre!


*** about Trexler ***


For anyone who has not been….


The trails are relatively smooth and rolling, with some short steep pitches up and and down, and some roller-coaster like areas.


Some trails are directional, down only.


There are no “facilities” in the trail area, nor water supply, plan accordingly.


Assuming Brian’s Trail and Killdozer are still open there is about 7 or 8 miles of unique trail in the “north woods” section set aside as basically MTB only area.


Only those who climb Broken Arrow trail will have to suffer extended serious climbing, Broker Arrow is something everyone can enjoy descending though, return can be up Fisherman’s trail which is less agressive.


*** Optional ride extension ***


I will be arriving at the SECOND trailhead, outside the Lehigh Zoo entrance, with a planned rollout of 9am.


I will be cruising the Trexler Border Trail counter-clockwise until it passes near the main MTB trailhead.


This will add somewhere around 6 miles of riding, including more extended descending and climbing areas.


This parking area is easy to get to from the MTB parking area via either Mill Creek Rd (for the fatigued) or via trail by descending Broken Arrow and crossing the creek at the bottom (much more fun).


*** More trail info ***


Valley Mountain Bikers Trail info :


                             map  :


MTB Project info :


*** Directions ***


To Schnecksville from Wilkes-Barre


– take toll-road south to Mahoning Valley exit (# 74 – Lehighton/Stroudsburg)

– go west on 209 towards Lehighton

– at stoplight turn left onto 248 East towards Allentown (POS/MIA Rememberance Highway)

– after about 6.9 miles turn right onto Rt 873 and cross the river

– stay left on 873 (do NOT go up Mountain Rd) after the bridge

– continue on 873 to Schnecksville (approximately 8.9 miles)

* note that 873 turns right at light with Main St in Slatingon *


to Trailhead #1 Parking (Mill Creek Rd) : N 40.663429 W 75.634377

– from Schnecksville at intersection of 309 and 873, go north on 309

– after about 2 miles turn left onto 4009 (Mill Creek Rd)

– after about 1.5 miles turn left onto North Range Utility Rd

– parking area is about 1/3 mile up the road

*beware* low clearance vehicles, vehicle may bottom out on the drainage control bars (my VW Golf does)


to Trailhead #2 Parking (Zoo entrance) : N 40.653511 W 75.632543

– from Schnecksville at intersection of 309 and 873, go north on 309

– after about 2 miles turn left onto 4009 (Mill Creek Rd)

– after about 2.1 miles turn left onto Game Preserve Rd at a T

– after about 1/3 mile turn right into Zoo entrance

– after passing fenceline take extreme left entry into gravel parking area