AMP Board Meeting Notes 5/1/17

AMP Board Meeting 5/1/17
7:00pm, El Rey Azteca, Wilkes-Barre

Board Members in attendance: Chris S., Chris M., Lorne, Mark, Lisa

Total persons in attendance, including board members: 6
Board turnover/elections
Ted stepped down as president and board member
Mark made motion to nominate Lisa for president
Seconded by Chris S.
Board voted to elect Lisa as president, 5 votes in favor, 2 not present for vote
Seeking new board members for election at June 3/4 event

Treasury Report
Mark outlined duties and financial status for Mike, who is willing to assist with treasury duties
Chris S. gave $63 to Mark to be put into AMP’s account. Money was donated by participants of the LuLackaWyco Hundo ride on April 22.
An insurance payment will be due soon, premium TBD.
AMP’s legal address must change.

Upcoming Events
Board set May 15th for next board meeting followed by an open meeting. Location TBA.
Report on June 3-4 Bicycle Blastoff Weekend
Receiving donation from Gerrity’s for snack food
Venue is secured
Itinerary needs to be finalized

Communication and Advocacy:
Discussion on communication with DCNR Forestry regarding status of Moon Lake Recreation Area and Seven Tubs Nature Area.