1/8/18 Board Meeting Minutes

AMP Board Meeting 1/8/18

7:00pm, El Rey Azteca, Wilkes-Barre

Board Members in attendance: Chris S., Chris M., Lorne P., Lisa Z., Mike B., Alaina D.

Total persons in attendance, including board members: 6



AMP/IMBA Status:

  • Board further discussed IMBA status vs. becoming independent non-profit group
  • More research needed into the non-profit process
    • C.M. will research
  • Remain status quo for interim

Upcoming Events: Board set the following dates:

  • 2018 Quarterly Open Meetings (L.P. will schedule at Frances Slocum Education Center)
    • Monday, February 26
    • Monday, May 14
    • Monday, August 13
    • Monday, November 19
  • Bicycle Blastoff Weekend
    • June 1-3 at Lackawanna State Park

Moon Lake Project Status:

  • L.Z. and C.M. Briefed the board on project progress
  • Currently flagging and making GPS track for official approval
  • AMP should share Moon Lake Trail Crew work days to facebook page in order to reach more people

Winter Warmer Party:

  • Would like to give a presentation on the Moon Lake Trails improvement project
  • Print out list of AMP 2017 accomplishments and leave on tables
  • Members are working on games
  • Social Media campaign